Really seeing…

The rabbi leaned out of his window and called to his servant below:

“Heschel, Heschel! What do you see?”

“What do you mean ‘What do you see’? I see nothing out of the ordinary,” Heschel replied.

The rabbi persisted, “Heschel, Heschel! What do you see?”

“I see shop keepers selling their goods and people milling about to and fro. What else would there be to see?”

The rabbi sadly shook his head, “Ah, Heschel! In a hundred years in this very same spot there will be shops and merchants and buyers, but you and I will be gone. So I ask you, Heschel! What do you see?”

So often, when religious people speak of truly seeing something they refer to some other-worldly spiritual dimension. But I think this good rabbi wanted Heschel to see something more tangible than some esoteric spirit-world.

What do you think? What have you missed seeing that is right in front of you?


About Darryl Willis

Darryl has been working for non-profits for over 36 years. His current work takes him to Ukraine several times a year. He has fallen in love with the country and the people. Darryl writes poetry and his work has appeared in several online and print journals.
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3 Responses to Really seeing…

  1. Nancy says:

    I think I know what you are saying, and at times I can be Heschel. Especially when I am in a crowd or a group of people. There is so much words and sounds around people that going esoteric simplify and calm things. When I am in nature I am aware of my surroundings. The story kinda poked me to see more of the moment.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Nancy. Perhaps it strikes us all in different ways. I think it depends on what is going on in our lives at the moment. The story calls me to pay attention to whatever (or most often, whoever) it is I have not been truly seeing.

    • Nancy says:

      Yes, I think you have it right about it depending on what is going on in life. From your short bio I see you are involved in many social matters, and good at communicating and getting involved with people. A busy life.

      My post was indicating I wish I was able to interact with people and be good at social gatherings like you get into.

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