The Storyteller

Once an American was visiting a remote African village that had been given the wonderful gift of electricity years before. And it seemed in the past some well meaning Westerner also gave the village the gift of a television.

As the American wandered around the village he discovered an empty hut with the television unplugged in the corner of the hut.

The television covered with dust and obviously out of use. So, he went to a villager and asked him about the television. He discovered they had watched the television solidly for two months after it was given. But then they finally turned it off and quit watching it.

“Why don’t you watch it any more?”

“Oh, we don’t need the television. We have the storyteller,” was the reply.

“But doesn’t the television known more stories than your storyteller?” the American asked.

The villager dropped his head for a moment and kicked the ground with his toe. When he looked up he had a huge smile on his face.

“Ah yes,” he replied. “The television knows many stories. But the storyteller knows me.”

So what are your thoughts? Does this story bring anything to your heart?


About Darryl Willis

Darryl has been working for non-profits for over 36 years. His current work takes him to Ukraine several times a year. He has fallen in love with the country and the people. Darryl writes poetry and his work has appeared in several online and print journals.
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