Week 20: Forgiveness (week of May 20)


  • Recite Psalms 130 and 131
  • Moment of silence

Presence through the word

  • Psalm Reading

Morning:            Psalm 18:20-29

Noon:                Psalm 18:30-36

Vespers:            Psalm 118:1-16

Night:                Psalm 118:17-29

  • Moment of Silence
  • Scripture readings:

-Monday:            Matthew 18:21-35

-Tuesday:            Luke 7:36-50

-Wednesday:      Luke 15:1, 2, 11-32

-Thursday:          Colossians 3:12-14

-Friday:              2 Corinthians 2:5-11

  • Moment of Silence

Practicing the presence

Who has sinned against you? Who do you have a hard time forgiving? Who have you sinned against? Take one day this week (perhaps on Saturday) and seriously consider these questions and make a list. If at all possible seek reconciliation. Be careful, though to consider why you seek reconciliation. If revisiting old wounds will do sever damage to the person you would speak to, then you may wish to find another way to handle this situation. Seek counsel in such situations. List all of the grievances you may have against others. Write them in as much detail as you wish.

When you have finished, find an outside grill or fire-pit and burn the list to ashes. If possible collect the ashes and place them in an envelope. Contact a explaining what you are doing and then address the envelope to this friend. Instruct your friend to find a way to dispose of the envelope but not reveal to you how this is done.

Let this remind you that when you forgive you give your grievances to God, allowing him to dispose of them in his own way–without expecting an explanation of how or why.


  • Prayers of thanksgiving and petition
  • Journaling or Silent reflection
  • The “Lord’s Prayer”

About Darryl Willis

Darryl has been working for non-profits for over 36 years. His current work takes him to Ukraine several times a year. He has fallen in love with the country and the people. Darryl writes poetry and his work has appeared in several online and print journals.
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