Week 14: Leadership (Joshua)


  • Recite Psalms 130 & 131
  • Moment of silence

Presence through the word

  • Psalm reading (selected from below)
    • Morning:        Psalm 1
    • Noon:              Psalm 2
    • Vespers:          Psalm 26
    • Night:              Psalm 101
  • Moment of Silence
  • Scripture readings:
    • Monday:          Numbers 14:1-25
    • Tuesday:          Joshua 1:1-18
    • Wednesday:    Joshua 8:30-35
    • Thursday:       Joshua 23:1-16
    • Friday:             Joshua 24:1-33
  • Moment of Silence

Practicing the presence

Everyone is a leader to someone. The question is: who looks to you as a leader? Honestly review the people in your life that may see you as an example to follow. It could be co-workers, members of a small group, your children, or someone else.

Ask yourself, “If I am a leader, who have I learned from?” List the people you consider your leaders. Who has influenced you the most for better? What kind of follower were you?

Make the following commitments as a leader: 1) to regularly spend time with God in prayer, 2) to regularly study the scripture to see how God is challenging you to live, 3) to learn how to follow God.

Share this “practicing the presence” exercise with someone you respect and trust. Ask him or her to evaluate your responses. Does he/she think you have accurately evaluated yourself? What advice would he/she give you?


  • Prayers of thanksgiving and petition
  • Journaling or silent reflection
  • “The Lord’s Prayer”

About Darryl Willis

Darryl has been working for non-profits for over 36 years. His current work takes him to Ukraine several times a year. He has fallen in love with the country and the people. Darryl writes poetry and his work has appeared in several online and print journals.
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