Week one: In the beginning…

The outline below (Preparation, Presence, Prayers, Practice) is meant to be utilized during an extended period during the day. Some people like having a morning meditation time while others prefer an eventing devotional time (some still find lunch to be the most convenient).

The Psalm reading should be selected according to this extended time period. Even so, I encourage you to participate in the Morning, Noon, Vespers, and Night offices by praying the appropriate Psalm listed below.

What does one do with the “left over psalms”? Quite simply pray the other psalms at the time indicated. If your extended devotional time is in the morning, then at lunch take five to ten minutes and pray the appropriate psalm. At supper, or on the commute home, pray the psalm marked “vespers” (or you may wish to pray that psalm during supper with your family). Then, as you retire for the evening pray the psalm designated for “night”.


  • Recite or sing/chant Psalms 130 and 131 (I suggest you memorize these two Psalms)
  • Moment of Silence

 Presence (through the Scripture)

  • Psalm reading (select from below):
    • Morning: Psalm 1
    • Noon: Psalm 53
    • Vespers: Psalm 105
    • Night: Psalm 120
  • Moment of silence
  • Scripture readings:
    • Monday: John 1:1-14
    • Tuesday: John 1:19-34
    • Wednesday: John 1:35-51
    • Thursday: John 2:1-11
    • Friday: John 2:12-25
  • Moment of silence


  • Prayers of thanksgiving and petition
  • Journaling and silent reflection
  • Close with the “Lord’s Prayer”


Take some time this week to walk around your neighborhood. At a separate time, walk around your place of employment (if possible). During these walks engage in “walking prayer”. Pray for your neighbors and colleagues. Most importantly ask God to enable you to be his presence to those with whom you work, live, and come in contact.

Pray for God’s guidance and ask that he open your eyes to see where he is already working in the lives around you. Ask for courage to join him in his work.


Week one begins on the first Monday of the year.

About Darryl Willis

Darryl has been working for non-profits for over 36 years. His current work takes him to Ukraine several times a year. He has fallen in love with the country and the people. Darryl writes poetry and his work has appeared in several online and print journals.
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